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ICSD's Projects in the U.S.A.

ICSD works in the U.S.A., especially in the East coast with its sister organizations.

ICSD Releases the Most Comprehensive Study of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Ever Done in Maryland

“Economic Development Potential of Clean Energy Technology in Maryland”
By John W. Spears and Andre Van Rest

ICSD recently completed a study of the economic development potential of clean energy in Maryland. The study was funded by the Maryland Department of Economic Development, Maryland Energy Administration and the Abell Foundation through a contract with the Baltimore Development Corporation. The report lays out a plan for Maryland to become a national leader in the clean energy sector and realize the tremendous economic, social and environmental benefits of clean energy. It defines clean energy as any technology that reduces environmental impact of energy generation and use, including energy efficiency, wind, solar, biomass, biofuels, and better management of waste energy.

Download a copy of the complete report MCEC Study Report 2-28-07.pdf

The Greening of Baltimore

Baltimore is the home to Maryland’s highest concentration of chemical, paper, textile, and primary metal manufacturing--all heavy energy users and potential sites for efficient energy upgrades. The city has an older housing stock. Its government facilities/ property present many opportunities for savings.

The Greening of Baltimore Initiative was started by the ICSD in Maryland in early 2002. The project was initially funded by the Abell Foundation. ICSD is working with the city government and private sector players on this project. It is aimed at:

  • Promoting economic development in the Green industry sector, using conservation technologies, efficiency technologies, solar and other renewable technologies, recycling and manufacturing with recycled materials, with the help from Green architects, engineers and consultants, as well as energy service contractors.

  • Reduce the stress on low and moderate income families, by creating job opportunities in the new Green economy and making conservation products and services more readily available to reduce energy costs and improve comfort and health.

  • Improve the quality of life in Baltimore, by bringing nature back into the city- trees, parks, gardens, restoring streams and wetlands, improving air quality through energy efficiency and renewable energy programs.

Maryland Energy Database

Parallel to the Greening Baltimore Initiative, ICSD also completed an energy program assessment for Maryland in 2002. The assessment is based on the latest Energy Efficiency and Conservation Baseline report for Maryland from the Maryland Energy Agency (MEA).

Maryland Energy Map (Click to Enlarge)