International Center for Sustainable Development (ICSD)

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ICSD Baltimore:
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Baltimore, Maryland 21202 U.S.A.
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ICSD Partners

ICSD teams up with other regional and international organizations to work on specific projects or expand
the Center's area.

China - U.S. Center for Sustainable Development

China - U.S. Center for Sustainable Development is the sister organization of ICSD in Portland, Oregon. It was formed by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and the State of Oregon, USA in 1999, during Premier Zhu Rongji's visit to the United States. The explicit goals of the Center are to leverage resources, steadily accelerate the pace of sustainable development cooperation and achieve innovative results. The Portland Center is working to engage the business sector in trade and investment activities that advance sustainable development practices and generate market return. The work of the Center is led by the co-secretariats. In China, China's Administrative Center for Agenda 21 is the secretariat. In the United States, the International Sustainable Development Foundation (, a 501 (c) non-profit corporation, is the secretariat.

Rodale Institute

The Rodale Institute ( is a global organization based in Pennsylvania, USA, focused on the two most fundamental components of life on Earth: food and health. Regenerative agriculture can, in many ways, help to fulfill human's basic need for healthy food. For more than half a century, the Rodale Institute has advocated organic and regenerative food production techniques around the world and an emphasis on a decentralized system that relies on family farms and gardens for fresh, seasonal produce. Regenerative methods embrace the union of agriculture, conservation and good health practices to create an integrated system that affects every aspect of production and consumption - from healthy soil to healthy food to healthy people. ICSD is working with the Rodale Institute to implement sustainable agriculture techniques in our projects.