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ICSD & Partners Tackle Post-Flood Reconstruction & Redevelopment in Pakistan

The International Center for Sustainable Development has formed Earth Homes International (EHI), a social enterprise for village development with a first project in Pakistan. The mission of the new enterprise is to integrate sustainable design of the built environment and economic development of villages in rural development projects. ICSD joined with principals of Alliance for Sustainable Industry and Energy, Bilyan LLC, Sustainable Design Group, and Indigo Development in creating EHI. It will work through joint ventures with domestic partners in Pakistan and elsewhere in the developing world.

In Pakistan the EHI team’s first project – with Earth Home Pakistan – reflects this integration: 1) design and build four demonstration homes and a community center; and 2) facilitate development of village enterprises. The completion date is June 30, 2011 for the model homes at a site an hour from Lahore. During construction, EHP will identify next projects for full village reconstruction and recovery in areas damaged by Pakistan’s massive floods in 2010.

The model Earth Homes™ will demonstrate sustainable design of residences, commercial and public buildings that are self-sufficient in energy and water and that use local materials as much as possible. Contractors will guide self-help construction with training provided by EHP. The Earth Home™ design concept includes features such as:

  • Energy efficient design with passive solar storage, heating, and cooling;
  • Active solar system scaled to number of appliances;
  • Locally made solar ovens built into the houses;
  • Solar water heater;
  • Rainwater collection system with gutters to drain to storage tank;
  • Composting toilets;
  • Use of natural and non-toxic materials only.

Self-sufficient building design will enable future village reconstruction to avoid infrastructure costs, balancing the increased cost of some of resource-efficiency and re-use features.

On the economic development side, EHI and its local partners will support creation of village enterprises in construction, maintenance, telecommunications, farming, and value-added food production. Possible enterprises include:

  • Financial services for public and private building ownership, enterprise development, and purchase of energy and water equipment.
  • Companies distributing or making construction materials and components.
  • A village knowledge center, with telecommunications and computer equipment, and staffing;
  • A commercially certified village kitchen that residents can rent for small scale value-added processing.

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Helping to Rebuild Pakistan
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